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AEGPL has a clear and comprehensive set of statutes in order to ensure proper functioning of the association


A clear and comprehensive set of statutes is essential for the proper functioning of a European association, particularly in the context of a European Union that has grown to include 28 countries. AEGPL members operate in highly diverse national contexts and their respective priorities and preoccupations are not always similar. This complexity is increased by the fact that certain AEGPL members come from countries that do not belong to the EU. This diversity makes the statutes an essential tool in ensuring a smooth and democratic decision-making process

The AEGPL currently operates within the framework of statues adopted by the General Assembly on November 27th, 2012. The statutes strongly emphasize the AEGPL's commitment to transparency vis-à-vis both members and external actors concerning objectives, working methods and management of the budget.

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AEGPL Congress 2018: Monaco, May 31st - June 2nd

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