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The European LPG Association (AEGPL), as the representative body of the LPG industry in Europe, is fully dedicated to serving its members, promoting the LPG energy and its benefits and advocating the positions of the LPG industry in order to deliver a constructive contribution to the energy policy objectives of the European authorities


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As policy-makers look to meet key challenges such as mitigating climate change, meeting and limiting energy demand, protecting the environment and human health, and maintaining economic growth, energy providers and the manufacturers of energy-related products are increasingly impacted by the constantly evolving regulatory framework. The European Union, the source of more than 70% of legislation in its Member States, is the primary engine for this movement and the primary forum for the associated debate and discussion. In this context, the AEGPL, as the representative body of a clean and immediately available energy solution, is committed to ensuring that our members' voices are heard and respected.

Membership of the AEGPL offers:

  • Cutting edge information on European energy, environment, taxation and research policy and any other initiatives having an impact on the LPG industry
  • Exchange of best practices and participation working groups of industry experts
  • Comprehensive Web site featuring exclusive Members area with monitoring of the latest EU initiatives and an LPG technical library
  • Annual statistical review on LPG activity in Europe
  • Expertise and support by AEGPL staff and experts
  • Newsletters and newsflashes with key developments from Brussels
  • Access to specific studies and position papers produced by the AEGPL in advance of their general release to the public
  • Participation, at reduced rates, in information/training sessions on specific topics
  • Participation, with significant reductions on normal prices, in the annual AEGPL Congress and Exhibition

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AEGPL Congress 2018: Monaco, May 31st - June 2nd

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