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LPG: An Exceptional Energy

LPG is a clean and immediately available energy source which can be used practically anywhere


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LPG (liquefied petroleum gases, covering both butane and propane) offers many advantages, both to end-users and to society as a whole.

With its dual origins - natural gas directly drawn from the earth, and crude oil refining - it already responds to the energy demands of more than 120 million EU citizens.

The fact that it can be easily liquefied makes LPG a a highly versatile energy alternative and thanks to a wide variety of packaging and storage options, LPG has numerous fuelling applications: LPG can be used for:

  • Space and water heating
  • Cooking
  • Lighting
  • Power generation
  • Industrial processing and heating
  • Automotive fuelling

LPG is an immediately available low carbon alternative. Indeed, it emits 35% less CO2 than coal and 12% less than oil. It also emits almost no black carbon, arguably the second biggest contributor to global warming.

LPG offers significant environmental advantages, particularly in terms of indoors and outdoor air quality. It is characterized by low particle emissions, low NOx (nitrogen oxide) emissions and low sulphur content.


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