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Cook With LPG

LPG is a great cooking fuel for those who live beyond the grid


cooking flameWe all know the advantages of cooking with gas; the ability to accurately and immediately regulate the flame, to see the strength of the heat coming from the cooker, and not having to rely on a flat coil, mean that gas is the cooking choice for professional and amateur chefs worldwide. However, natural gas generally requires a natural gas network, and where the network ends, LPG steps in as an equally versatile alternative.

With over 100 million Europeans living without access to the natural gas grid, and many more taking their holidays in rural or mountainous areas, LPG is often the only solution available to ensure that citizens on the highest mountains or smallest islands can enjoy the same benefits as those in urban areas.

Furthermore as a gaseous fuel, LPG is cleaner than most cooking alternatives available to off-grid areas, helping to reduce indoor and outdoor air pollution.

These associated health benefits are of particular importance to people living in the developing world, who often use traditional cooking fuel sources such as dung or wood which are extremely harmful to human health, and as the latest research shows, can have a devastating effect on the snow cover of mountainous areas. Using LPG instead of these biomass based energies can help the local environment and reduce the impact of cooking on climate change



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