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Leisure With LPG

Millions of people across Europe use LPG to facilitate their lesure activities on land, in water and even in the sky


bbq2LPG’s flexibility and environmentally friendly characteristics make it an ideal fuel for leisure applications.

It is commonly used to fuel cooking in campers and offers significant advantages in terms of reduction of harmful emissions. Highly portable and available with a wide range of storage options, LPG is the most flexible of all energy sources and responds perfectly to the needs of millions of leisure enthusiasts around Europe.

LPG is also an attractive option for marine applications, including the fueling of leisure-craft. Its negligible impact on the water allows end-users to enjoy Europe’s lakes and rivers while helping to preserve the quality of the natural environment.

LPG is also used in the sky - hot air balloons which are the world's oldest and one of the quietest succesful flight technologies, are also powered by LPG.

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