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Dinner with Gas Heat Pump Association and Manufacturers

AEGPL and WLPGA Hold Networking Dinner with Gas Heat Pump Association and Manufacturers

In a joint initiative, AEGPL and the World LP Gas Association held a networking dinner yesterday with several guests from Gas Heat Pump manufacturers and the European Heat Pump Association. 

The event, held in central Brussels the evening before the European Heat Pump Association's Gas Heat Pump Working Group meeting (which AEGPL is a member of), aimed at strengthening the relationship between the LPG sector and companies which manufacturer this important and sustainable technology. 

Samuel Maubanc, General Manager of AEGPL, in summing up the aim of the event noted that "AEGPL is closely looking at heat pumps, so this is an excellent opportunity to understand each other's sectors and work out how we might communicate together, in particular regarding  joint advocacy work towards policy-makers".

Nikos Xydas, Technical Manager of both associations, continued by making reference to the directly linked WLPGA GLOTEC Gas Heat Pumps Working Group activity, "Having released a GLOTEC study with its recommendations to promote this innovative technology and boost the market, we now need to bring together stakeholders with common interests to work towards a common goals - that is what this event is about", he said.

Peter Wagener, Chairman of the European Gas Heat Pump Working Group highlighted that that the tide is changing in the heat pump sector - noting that some years ago the technology was considered exotic but that now it is seen as a viable option - especially in the commercial market. One manufacturer echoed this statement, and furthermore noted that gas heat pumps can meet larger hot water needs than electric ones, giving them a competitive advantage.

GHP dinner 400

The event brought both sides closer with a number of discussions about potential ways to work together in the future  to promote gas heat pumps as an innovative and sustainable solution that can run efficiently on LPG. AEGPL, as a subscribing member of the Gas Heat Pump Working Group, will furthermore keep up with any further developments from the sector though this channel.

Along with Samuel and Nikos, representatives from SHV Energy, UGI International, UKLPG, and Repsol attended the dinner on behalf of the LPG sector.

The heat pump sector was represented by manufacturers Panasonic, AISIN-Toyota, AISIN Europe, Remeha, Yanmar, and Robur along with staff from the European Heat Pump Association. 

For any further information, please contact Samuel or Nikos.


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