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European boilers to become more energy-efficient

Domestic heating boilers may not be the obvious choice when the goal is to tackle CO2 emissions. Yet, that was as an area that EU decision makers addressed with the Eco-design regulation, due to enter into force on the 26th September. From that date on, conventional low-temperature boilers will be banned and only energy-efficient condensing boilers will be allowed to be sold within the EU.

An analogous measure is already in force in the UK since 2005 and was effective in significantly drive down residential energy consumption and emissions. In fact, as of 2013, more than 55% of gas boilers installed in the UK are condensing boilers, which are 25% more efficient than conventional ones.


AEGPL welcomes the Eco-design regulation for space and water heaters as we have long supported measures aimed at increasing energy efficiency in Europe. Since only one fourth of the boilers installed in Europe are condensing boilers, it is evident how an increased uptake will be able to deliver significant energy savings in the heating sector.

This is particularly true in rural areas, where heating systems generally are older and less efficient than in urban areas. For rural households, replacing their old gas boiler with a new condensing boiler is arguably the most effective and cost-efficient way to drive down their energy bill and, at the same time, reduce CO2 emissions.

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