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Low Emission Zones - A Role to Play for Autogas

The European LPG Association has prepared an information sheet on Low Emission Zones in Europe.

This document aims at providing information to decision makers on the measures currently being taken to develop limited areas – in urban settings – where low-emission vehicles are rewarded and high-emission vehicles are restricted. There are currently almost 200 LEZs in Europe, which are making great contributions to the improvement of air quality.


Autogas, as the most widely used alternative fuel has an important role to play. Autogas is a low emission fuel emitting 96% less NOx emissions than diesel vehicles. In addition, Autogas produces virtually no particulate matters or black carbon (soot). Due to its recognized environmental benefits and contribution to improving air quality, vehicles running on Autogas generally benefit from preferential treatment on European LEZs.

AEGPL will continue working closely with European, national and local authorities in the development of further LEZs across the continent.

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