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Demand for LPG in Europe continues to increase in 2013

AEGPL and Argus Media's annual statistical report the "European LPG Sector Overview", released this week has highlighted increasing demand for LPG among drivers, home-owners in off-grid areas, and as a feedstock for the petro-chemcial sector in Europe.

Demand for LPG in the industrial and agricultural sectors has remained steady, with LPG used as a low carbon and virtually pollutant free for numerous applications in these sectors, many of which can be viewed here.

The Autogas sector, which has grown signficantly over the past 10 years, continues this trend. The total usage of LPG for transport is at an all time high with the wider Europe now seeing more than 13 million vehicles on the road serviced by more than 44,000 filling points.

Consumer demand for LPG in the heating sector remained strong, with LPG companies providing space and water heating to millions of citizens in off-grid homes across Europe,some of which are now making use of innovative hybrid technologies such as gas heat pumps and micro-cogeneration. These technologies can reduce demand and carbon intensity through increased efficiency and combined LPG-renewable sources.

The full report is available to AEGPL members, or, at a fee from Argus Media.

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