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CEN TC 286 Plenary Held in Delft, Netherlands


The CEN/TC 286 - Liquefied Petroleum Gas Equipment and Accessories has as a scope the standardisation in the field of equipment and accessories used for the transportation, transfer, storage of LPG fuel tanks and cylinders and automotive LPG fuel. Drafting of product standards specific to LPG equipment and accessories are harmonised to the essential requirements of relevant EU Directives and referenced in the RID/ADR.

Every year the Plenary of the CEN /TC 286 takes place in April/May, where all the year's  activity is revised, discussed and programs are drafted for the different Working Group activities for next year.

WG 1 - Working Group 1 has responsibility for the design and manufacture of LPG pressure vessels (Convenor Mr. John Williams).
WG 2 - Working Group 2 has responsibility for the design and manufacture of accessories for vessels designed by Working Group 1 (Convenor Mr. Paul O’Connell).
WG 5 - Working Group 5 has responsibility for the operational requirements of the transport of LPG in tanks by road or rail (Convenor Vacant).
WG 6 - Working Group 6 has responsibility for automotive LPG systems (Convenor Mr. Salvatore Piccolo).
WG 8 - Working Group 8 has responsibility for producing a standard for the requirements for the design, installation and subsequent maintenance of LPG pipework systems (Convenor Mr. Richard Turski).
WG 9 – Working Group 9 has responsibility for standards produced under the Recreational Craft Directive and is currently dormant  (Convenor Vacant).
WG 10 – Working Group 10 has responsibility for producing a Technical Specification on environmental considerations for CEN/TC 286 standards (Convenor Mr Joao Ferreira).
WG 11 – Working Group 11 has responsibility for producing a Technical Specification on terminology used in CEN/TC 286 standards (Convenor Mr Tim Barnett).

This year the Annual plenary had taken place in Delft, Holland hosted by NEN, the Dutch standards body, on the 20th and 21st of May.

TC Plenary Meeting 2014 400

This Plenary had the participation of 21 experts, representing 9 different countries (Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal and United Kingdom).

The main points of discussion, over and above the individual work programme of each working group, were primarily on:

  • Lack of CEN Consultants for the PED and ADR standards
  • Alteration to CEN rules and how this would affect the work of the TC
  • KPI’s being proposed for the development of standards
  • TC286 relationships with TC296 and TC301
  • The relationship between EN standards and ISO standards and how this impacted on both TC286 and the LPG Industry in general.

AEGPL was represented by Mr. Nikos Xydas as Technical Manager.

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