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AEGPL Roadmap for Rural Energy Presented in European Parliament


AEGPL’s Beyond the Gas Grid Roadmap was presented to around 50 stakeholders at a roundtable breakfast debate in the European Parliament this morning.

The event, titled ”Centre Stage? Decentralized energy’s role in securing a low carbon economy”, was hosted by Dutch MEP Lambert Van Nistelrooij (pictured above), and organized by “The Parliament Magazine” in association with AEGPL.

After some introductory remarks from MEP Van Nistelrooij, AEGPL’s Manager for Energy and Environment Policy, Samuel Maubanc (pictured below), gave a presentation on the results of AEGPL’s Beyond the Gas Grid Roadmap. After briefly explaining the key characteristics of LPG, he highlighted the benefits of doubling LPG’s contribution to the off-grid energy mix, most notably a reduction of 184 million tonnes of CO2 emissions.  He concluded with advice to policy-makers that there is no “silver bullet” to solve the EU’s energy challenges, and that all energies will continue to have a role to play in their most appropriate contexts.

Sam M

Polish MEP Lena Kolarska-Bobinska then took the floor to offer the perspectives of citizens who often perceive what some might call the “energy revolution” - the sudden arrival of renewable energies such as wind farms - as a threat to their local environment, a fact often overlooked by many of politicians and officials in Brussels. Noting a clear contrast in attitudes in Western and Eastern Europe, she highlighted the need for clear and consistent communications about energy choices, and where necessary, funding to assist communities in developing energy independence initiatives.

A very lively Q and A discussion followed, with delegates asking a number of questions about the role and benefits of LPG. Polish MEP Jan Olbrycht made the point that most stakeholders in Brussels tend to focus on one of three key elements: energy efficiency, lower carbon emission, or renewables, and directly asked which of these is most interesting from the LPG perspective. Samuel Maubanc responded that  LPG offers benefits in relation to all three, with the product being inherently efficient in terms of combustion, a lower carbon alternative, and also a perfect partner for many renewable energies.

A report on the event fro mthe Parliament Magazine can be read here.

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