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AEGPL welcomes the Climate Package but expects Autogas to be properly recognised in the EU action plan on decarbonisation of transport

The European Commission has published last week the much awaited Climate Package. The European LPG Association welcomes the Communication on the Decarbonisation on Transport, in particular its focus on low and zero emission vehicles. AEGPL believes that in order for the EU to reach its climate goal, more efforts are needed in particular in the road transport sector.

We consider that a wider deployment of alternative fuels in road transport can greatly help decarbonising the sector, while having a great potential to clean up European cities’ air. LPG for transport, commonly known as Autogas, is a low-carbon, near-zero back carbon and low-polluting alternative to conventional fuels that has a key role to play in transport decarbonisation. Autogas is currently the most popular alternative fuel in Europe. It already helps the EU to tackle climate change and to improve air quality by fueling over 7.4 million vehicles in the EU, served by over 30.000 refueling stations.

We regret to see that the Communication on the Decarbonisation on Transport makes no specific reference to Autogas. In annex to the Fuel Quality Directive, the “Methodology for the calculation and reporting of the life cycle greenhouse gas intensity of fuels and energy by fuel suppliers” establishes that over the life cycle, the carbon intensity of LPG is 21% and 23% lower than for petrol and diesel respectively. Regarding tailpipe emissions, various studies have shown that Autogas cars emit between 10 to 20% less CO2 than gasoline cars. These gains have been confirmed by recent on-road tests in compliance with the Real Driving Emission Regulation, which showed that Autogas cars emitted 17% to 19% less CO2 than gasoline equivalents. The carbon footprint will further decrease due to the increasing share of LPG from natural gas origin (50% today), and the introduction of bio-propane (renewable LPG) in the mix. AEGPL therefore urges the European Commission to take into account the contributions of Autogas as a low-hanging fruit in the fight against climate change.

We will continue following the developments on the Climate Package and will continue working closely with the European Commission and the other EU institutions in their efforts to decarbonise European transport.

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Samuel Maubanc
General Manager AEGPL

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