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New Members join AEGPL

AEGPL is delighted to announce the addition of two new full members: Afriquia Gaz and the LPG department of Norsk Petroleum.

Afriquia Gaz is Morocco's leading LPG distributor. Afriquia’s long history dates back to 1959 when it became the first fuel distributor in Morocco. Today, Afriquia Gaz trades its products under five brands: Afriquia Gaz, Tissir Gaz, Ultra Gaz, Camping Gaz and Métagaz. With a vast presence all around Morocco, Afriquia Gaz is a highly recognised brand.


Norsk Petroleum is the trade association for the market-leading oil and energy companies in Norway. NP was established on 27 February 1970 to promote the industry and its members. Today the annual turnover of the companies represented by NP rises up to 10 billion gallons of petroleum products in Norway, corresponding to 43% of the country’s total energy consumption.

These additions to AEGPL’s membership bring about an interesting broadening of the Association’s reach and represent an increased added value when promoting the benefits of LPG and related technology.

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