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AEGPL’s response to the European Commission Public Consultation on the Evaluation of the Oil Stocks Directive

The European Commission recently ran a public consultation on the evaluation of the Oil Stocks Directive. AEGPL welcomed the opportunity to share its views on security of supply with the European Commission.

LPG is an extremely versatile fuel, used everywhere in the EU, including the most remote areas, where energy choices are extremely limited. Therefore, it is paramount that LPG supply is secure, because, in some areas, consumers don’t have many alternatives to satisfy their energy needs.

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LPG’s characteristics and its trade and usage patterns ensure a high level of security of supply, without the need to hold emergency stocks of LPG. Since the origin of the LPG imported by the EU is varied, not only in terms of countries but also geographical regions (i.e. Norway, North America, CIS, North Africa, West Africa, Middle East and Latin America), a simultaneous interruption of all trading routes and hence a disruption in supply is extremely unlikely. In addition, emergency stocks of crude oil, LPG stocks held for operational and commercial reasons, together with fuel switching mechanisms, currently allow the EU to cope with a hypothetical supply disruption for a period of 12 months.

For more information, please consult AEGPL’s Response to the European Commission's Public Consultation on the Evaluation of the Oil Stocks Directive.

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