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Repsol and Castrosua Manufacture First LPG/Electric Hybrid Bus

Repsol Bus 500

Repsol and bus manufacturer Castrosua today launched the first hybrid urban bus with an electric / AutoGas engine, manufactured entirely in Spain. The new vehicle, jointly developed by the R+D departments of the two Spanish companies, was launched at the FIAA (International Bus and Coach Show), held in Madrid from 23rd to 26th October.

The new hybrid Tempus AutoGas was one of the main innovations at FIAA 2012 and is at the forefront of urban public transport vehicles, offering significant environmental and economic benefits. The launch was attended by Repsol's LPG product manager José Manuel Hernández Carrero; Repsol's LPG business development manager, Eduardo Romero Palazón; the president of Castrosua, José Castro Suárez; and the CEO of Castrosua, Juan Luis Castro Rodríguez.

The vehicle developed by Repsol and Castrosua incorporates technology from General Motors and Siemens. It features an electric traction engine, with a battery that is recharged by a thermal engine running on AutoGas, and has a range of 300km in hybrid mode. The vehicle's batteries can also be plugged into mains electricity for recharging.

The technology used in the Tempus AutoGas enables fuel savings of up to 40% compared to conventional vehicles, depending on the route the vehicle takes and its operating level. It is also cuts down on noise and releases significantly fewer NOx, and particularly CO2,  emissions, as shown in tests adopting the methodology used in the Climate Project by the Spanish Climate Change Office at the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and the Environment.

Along with urban air quality improvements and fuel savings, the hybrid Tempus AutoGas urban bus offers the latest in driving technology and passenger comfort.

The advantages of the new electric-AutoGas hybrid urban passenger vehicle provide an opportunity for governments in their ongoing efforts to achieve sustainable urban transport and to lower operating costs. The Tempus AutoGas brings both features together, putting it in a position to receive government subsidies of up to 30,000 Euros per vehicle.

About AutoGas

Automotive LPG, or AutoGas, is present in a high percentage of natural gas wells. It is the most widely used alternative fuel in the world. AutoGas completes Repsol's range of high tech, efficient and sustainable fuels.

AutoGas is more economical than the traditional fuels. It is cleaner, contributing to the improvement of air quality with its low particles and nitrous oxide emissions, and its low CO2 emissions help minimise the greenhouse effect. It also drives smoothly, quietly and without vibrations.

LPG can be transported safely as a liquid at very low pressures and its filling and storage systems do not require special infrastructure. They can therefore be located in urban environments without the need for extra space or safety measures. The cost of storage and supply equipment is thus drastically reduced (up to 50 times lower than other gases requiring high pressure compression). There is no need for high pressure tanks (expensive and complex), lowering costs and reducing non-effective transport weight.

Read more about Autogas here.

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