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European Commission releases ‘Clean Energy for all Europeans’ package

The European Commission released on 30/11 its ‘Clean Energy for all Europeans’ package. The package contains key energy policy proposals that are going to help the EU to speed up its decarbonisation efforts.

The Energy Efficiency Directive foresees a binding 30% target to be reached by 2030, which the Commission rightly believes it is ambitious, but achievable. AEGPL welcomes the European Commission plans to increase energy efficiency, as we believe it is the most cost-effective way to tackle climate change. However, AEGPL is concerned about the revision of the primary energy factor, which, if applied to energy labels for heating appliances, could result in a significant downgrading of condensing gas boilers. Condensing gas boilers arguably are the appliances that can most cost-effectively reduce the energy consumption in the residential heating sector, hence we believe it is important to keep them attractive to consumers.

The Renewable Energy Directive foresees a 27% target to be reached by 2030. It also contains several references to bio-LPG and bio-propane, which are going to be put on the market in the course of next year. The European LPG sector has made significant investments to develop these new technologies and AEGPL welcomes that the European Commission acknowledges these efforts.

AEGPL will keep monitoring the decision making process leading to the adoption of these legislative proposals and looks forward to continue working with the European co-legislators.

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