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Renewable LPG is just around the corner

One of the main characteristics of the LPG industry is its forward thinking and its commitment to provide solutions to societal problems – be they transport, heating, or other challenges. The industry’s investment in research and development of new products was once more in evidence with two announcements that took place last week.

AEGPL’s member SHV Energy was present at the grand opening of Neste’s renewable product refinery in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, on the 8th September. Neste’s facility will start producing Bio LPG by the end of 2016 and SHV Energy will market and sell the production from the Rotterdam refinery. SHV will assure the effective distribution of the product in order to reach consumers, enabling LPG users to reduce their carbon footprint without any modifications to their existing gas appliances. SHV’s investment in this partnership with Neste was best captured by the words of Fulco van Lede, Management Board Member of SHV Energy: “Biopropane is a wonderful addition to our product portfolio, and our customers can benefit from it. In addition, biopropane is a great opportunity for SHV Energy to lead the LPG business towards a more sustainable future”.


Meanwhile, in France, one other development was announced that demonstrates LPG’s range of applications. Global Bioenergies and the French LPG Association, Comité Français du Butane et du Propane (CFBP), have partnered to blend renewable isobutene into domestic bottled butane gas. This technology will contribute to a very comprehensive reduction of CO2 emissions in France. CFBP and Global Bioenergies started a series of tests to evaluate compatibility of isobutene from renewable sources and butane mixture with the logistics chain and domestic appliances. CFBP CEO Joel Pedessac said: "At this stage, the tests show that renewable isobutene produced by Global Bioenergies is compatible with commercial butane. The CFBP is keen to continue this collaboration to enable the addition of renewable energy in bottled gas in the short term."

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