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EU approves new car emissions testing procedure

The Technical Committee on Motor Vehicles, an advisory body comprising representatives from EU member states, approved on October 28th the introduction of a new testing for passenger cars’ emissions. This regulation, if neither the Parliament nor the Council oppose, will enter into force in 2017.

The new testing procedure foresees that the measurement of emissions is made in real driving conditions and not in a laboratory, as regulation currently in force prescribes. The new regulation also allows passenger cars to emit 110% more NOx emissions than the Euro 6 limit until 2020, and 50% after that date. The rationale behind this decision is that the Euro 6 emission limits were set having in mind the previous testing cycle, and, if they stayed the same, many conventionally-fuelled cars would not have been able to comply with them with the new procedure.


In terms of emissions, cars relying on clean alternative fuels such as LPG have a clear advantage. In fact, compared to conventionally-fuelled cars they produce much less NOx and particulate matter, which are linked to respiratory diseases.

AEGPL believes that more stringent rules will help consumers make educated choices on the type of fuel for their vehicle. Autogas is the most widely used alternative fuel in Europe, with over 7.5 million vehicles on EU streets and over 31.000 refuelling points. Many EU consumers trust Autogas as their preferred fuel because they are aware of the great benefits it can bring to increase air quality.

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