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UKLPG Conducts Safe Cooking Campaign

UKLPG, the British LPG Association, launched an important initiative this year to highlight safety precautions for people using LPG while camping.

Focusing in particular on the dangers of carbon-monoxide (CO) poisoning, the campaign aimed to ensure that campers across the UK are aware of the potentially lethal consequences of using LPG (or other combustible fuels) inside tents, as well as promoting good practices related to the use of LPG cartridges and leisure appliances.

400 BBQ Safety

Following a small but concerning number of camping-related CO poisoning incidents in the UK in recent years, UKLPG has taken action to raise awareness on the dangers of taking cooking equipment into tents through the publication of safety leaflet and flyer in association with the UK’s Gas Safe Register.

Lisa Thomson, Policy and Communications Manager for UKLPG said:

“UKLPG has been actively involved in raising awareness of the dangers of CO poisoning for many years, but recently CO incidents related to camping have increased and as the leading fuel in the leisure market members recognised the need for UKLPG to help champion awareness. The campaign has been very positively received overall and was coordinated with other organisations in the camping industry as well as receiving a high level support from UK Parliament. This was especially important when a study commissioned for the campaign found that 20% of British people are not aware that taking a gas barbecue inside a tent can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning and one third do not realise charcoal barbecues can do the same.”

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