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European Commission releases its 2017 Annual Work Programme

28 p38 iStock_000001590944MThe European Commission released last week its 2017 Annual Work Programme. The European Commission will continue the implementation of the Energy Union strategy, by delivering legislative proposals on decarbonisation of the transport sector. However, it is to be noted that proposals on the Energy Performance of Buildings and on the Energy Efficiency Directive will be released towards the end of this month, therefore the agendas of the European Parliament and of the European Council will be filled with several debates on these two legislative proposal.

AEGPL welcomes the focus of the European Institutions on the buildings and transport sectors, where Europe can undoubtedly reduce its CO2 emissions. We believe that LPG can greatly help the EU to achieve its decarbonisation goals, because LPG is a low-carbon alternative to conventional fuels. In the transport sector, according to the JEC well-to-wheel study, LPG vehicles emit 21% less CO2 than petrol and 23% less CO2 than diesel equivalent vehicles on a life cycle basis. In the residential sector, LPG is a low-hanging fruit in cutting CO2 emissions produced by buildings situated in areas not connected to the natural gas grid. In those areas, buildings have to rely on more polluting fuels in order to satisfy their energy needs. LPG is a key tool to decarbonise the residential sector in those areas, as it produces 49% less CO2 than coal and 17% less than heating oil. In addition, it produces low NOx and almost no particulate matter, therefore a larger uptake would not be detrimental for air quality.

AEGPL looks forward to continue working with policymakers in 2017, highlighting the role that LPG can have to help the EU reach its CO2 and air quality goals.

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